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Kunzmann WF 410 MA / M

Kunzmann WF 410 MA / M

Kunzman WF 410 MA / M
  • The KUNZMANN WF 410 MA/M is the latest conventional milling machine on the market, well suited for workshops in production and vocational training centers.
    Characterized by high quality, performance, the highest levels of precision, and simple handling procedures. Major characteristics:

        •    Stable multi-ripped cast iron construction with horizontal-/vertical spindle and a manual quill
        •    Hardened and ground flat guideways in all axes for highest rigidity
        •    Backslash-free ballscrews for up- and down milling
        •    Automatic axis clamping for operational safety
        •    Stepless feed rate and spindle speed rate
        •    High-torque main spindle drive with a gear box (automatically changed)
        •    Hydraulic tool clamping
        •    Mechanical hand wheels in all axes
        •    Coolant fluid tank free-standing, capacity 66 liters
        •    Overall ergonomic and user-friendly machine design
        •    WF 410 MA - with 3 axis-active digital readout Heidenhain
        •    WF 410 M - with positioning control Heidenhain TNC 128  including processing cycles and 3-axis-digital readout

    The standard version of the WF 410 MA is fitted with a Heidenhain 3-axis-active digital readout.

    A positioning control system Heidenhain TNC 128 is already included in the WF 410 M.

    3-axis DRO. Paraxial axes movement of minimal position, jog increments
    Operation modes:
    -  Manual mode
    -  Positioning with MDI
    - Jog increment positioning

    Combination of a DRO and a control system for the efficient machining of individual parts and small series.
    Operation modes: - Manual operation - Postioning with MDI - Program run (block by block / in full sequence*) - Programming Simple, dialogue-guided data input and simulation with following cycles: - different drilling cycles - Tapping with compensation chuck - Circles hole patterns - Linear hole patterns - Rectangular pocket milling further: - Tool table and datum points - Cutting data calculator - On-Screen operating instructions - Data interface V24 / RS-232-C, Fast-Ethernet, USB Display: - 12,1"-TFT-Flatscreen
        •    Topview
        •    Display in 3 layers
        •    3D-Display
        •    Detail magnification
    * Program run in a full sequence is only available in combination with a splash-guard cabin (reason: CE-rules)


  • X-axis (longitudinal) 16.14" (410 mm)
    Y-axis (cross) 13.78" (350 mm)
    Z-axis (Vertical) 17.71" (450 mm)
    Main spindle drive (100%/40%) 10.0/14.0 kW
    Spindle speed range 1 – 4.500 rpm
    Tool taper SK 40
    Feed rate 0.0787 in/min (2.000mm/min)
    Rapid traverse X-/Y-axis 0.1968 in/min (5.000mm/min)
    Rapid travers Z-axis 0.1574 in/min (4.000mm/min)
    DRO/Positioning control
    Digital readout (MA) TNC 128 (M)
    Weight 3750 lb (1,7000kg)
    Angular table, rigid clamping surface 25.59 in x 14.76 in (650mm x 375mm)
    T-slots 5 x 14 H 7
    Loading ability 551 lb (250kg)
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