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CNC (Lathes)


Top representative of SBL range turning centers is designed for medium to large series production for demanding machining of large-dimensions workpieces of complex geo- metrical shapes. It is suitable for technological workshops focusing on large dimensions ange and shaft production in engineering where precision, quality and high production ef ciency plays crucial role.

Most important features:

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Turning center with rigid construction slant bed is designed not only for heavy roughing but for demanding nishing operations with focus on high accuracy and surface quality too. Exceptional steadiness of cutting process is ensured by high stiffness of individual machine components. Long-term operational reliability designates this machine for turning workshops with continuous operation and high productivity demands. Turning center can be operated in full automated mode when equipped with devices for automatic workpiece manipulation.

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Machine designed for medium to large-series production for machining simple as well as complex shape workpieces. Execution with movable counter spindle allows complete workpiece machining and nishing at single machine which shortens production time and increases workpiece accuracy. This machine signi cantly contributes to increased productivity while considerably decreases investment costs.

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