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Weiler VO75

Weiler VO75

  • Ideal for drilling boring, reaming, and thread cutting in one-off as well as batch production.

    Unique features:

    • Easy to operate, robust, and reliable
    • Powerful: for bore holes up to 75 mm diameter in steel
    • Proven mechanical design
    • Ideal for all types of drilling work
    • Clearly structured operating panel
    • Acceptance according to ISO 2423 (corresponds with DIN 8625)
    • Distance from spindle nose to base plate: 473mm min. / 1803mm max
    • Spindle working range: 386mm min. / 2000mm max
    • Spindle stroke 380mm


  • Model WIeler VO75
    Drilling diameter in steel max. 2.95” (75mm)
    Drilling diameter in grey cast iron, 250 N/mm2 max. 3.45” (90mm)
    Thread cutting in steel, 600 N/mm2 max. 75 x 4M
    Vertical arm travel max. 37.40” (950mm)
    Drilling head travel on radial arm max. 64.60” (1641mm)
    Taper in spindle 5 MK
    Spindle travel max. 14.96” (380mm)
    Number of spindle speeds 16n
    Spindle speed range 11,2 – 2.000 min-1
    Number of feed rates 16 n
    Feed rate range 0.0013 - 0.1102in/rev (0,035 – 2,8mm/rev)
    Power of Main Drive 7.5kW
    Spindle reach, max/min. 78.74/15.19” (2.000/386mm)
    Distance spindle nose / mounting plate max./min. 78.74/26.37” (2.000/670mm)
    Weight 15,212 lb (6,900kg)
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