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Rebuild / Remanufacturing

Monarch Lathes reputation in rebuilding and remanufacturing is second to none in the machine tool industry. Our innovative programs are designed to restore your existing lathe to its original accuracy on alignments and spindle run-outs.

Rebuilding Remanufacturing

Our Rebuilding Program includes the following:

  • Bed and carriage regrinding
  • Machine realignment
  • Wiper and gib replacement

Options include:

  • Leadscrew replacement
  • Crossfeed screw replacement
  • Spindle regrinding with new bearings
  • Tail reconditioning
  • Electronics upgrade packages

Our exclusive Remanufacturing Program restores machines to "like new" condition.

Standard items include:

  • Bed and carriage regrinding
  • Spindle regrinding with new bearings
  • Leadscrew replacement
  • Crossfeed screw and compound screw replacement
  • Tail reconditioning
  • Taper attachment rebuilding
  • Worm and worm gear replacement
  • Rack pinion and half nut in apron
  • New electrical system

Remanufacturing options include:

  • New coolant system
  • Steady rest and follow rest rebuild
  • New digital readout to machine


Monarch Lathes can even provide partial restorations at your facility with our factory-trained field service representatives. The program can include leadscrew replacement, crossfeed screw replacement, compound screw and rescraping your crosslide and compound using new gibs.

Call our technical service department and we can customize a package to fit your specific needs.

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
Phone: 937.492.4111
Fax: 937.492.7958